Internet Shopping and the Merging of Cultures Essay

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Internet Shopping and the Merging of Cultures The booming phenomena of internet shopping has had a huge and somewhat unexpected effect on the global retail and manufacturing industry. The ability to satisfy the ever expanding demands of products from anywhere in the world to be delivered in an efficient and cost effective manner has forced certain mega retail giants to globalize their operations, and in turn has had a huge impact on the cultures of many nations and groups of people throughout the world. To ensure that there is a smooth transition into new markets these companies must educate themselves and their employees, about the cultural differences and similarities that each group will face. As stated by, Becton, B. (2009) “China …show more content…
This is extremely important to the Chinese worker due to the sense that all workers need to have certain powers to maintain a level of dignity. “An individual qualifies as fully human only when he or she takes proper account of others and acts toward them appropriately”. (Koehn, 2008) This is not to say that dignity is derived from the power but that they derive the dignity from being allowed to work toward the collective goal. By empowering the worker to be a part of the process they are providing not only for themselves but also to the community and the region, of which they are associated with. They use the Confucian style of business ethics whereas the focus is on the collective, meaning that everything is geared toward the good of everyone involved. The US worker is also empowered and derives dignity from being part of the processes, but the American worker for the most part looks for individual accomplishments and self-worth as a testament of their success and is dignified by the recognition of these. This is due largely to the business ethics that are in practice in most of the western world. It is a top down style that is consistent with the teachings of Aristotle among others, in this style the premise is that it is only through the goodwill of corporate executives that there is impact in employee compensation, finance, regulation, government procurement, and taxpayer subsidies. As a strategic move to better

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