Internet of Things Essay

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Internet of Things

Over the last decade Internet has made significant impact in our economies and societies by bringing in remarkable communication and networking infrastructure. The world-wide web has been a major driver of global information and media sharing. From Desktop networking Internet is continuing to become more pervasive, with the advent of low cost wireless broadband connectivity, by connecting to new embedded devices and handhelds. In continuation with this trend, it is poised to emerge as an “Internet of Things” where the web will provide a medium for physical world objects to participate in interaction. This way the digital information technology can integrate the physical world to the online world to provide a common
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IPV6 as an integration layer - Drawing from the OSI layer structure and protocols from Internet, it is natural to extend the IP layer as an integration layer for Internet of things as well. But unlike desktops and laptops the nodes attached to the ‘things’ are low in resources such as battery and computing power. However there have been successful attempt to develop a standard named 6LoWPAN, which is an acronym of IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks, bringing IPV6 over IEEE 802.15.4. Cisco, Atmel, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) and other leading technology vendors and users formed on 16 September 2008 the IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance and announced, a few weeks after, the availability of uIPv6, one of the world's smallest open-source, IPv6-ready protocol stack, which could enable every device, no matter how limited by power or memory to have an Internet Protocol address, thus promoting the "launch of the Internet of Things [IPSO] Mobile phones as data capturing devices - Another development that is taking place and beginning to spread globally is to extend data capture systems on mobile phones. Camera, NFC readers and Bluetooth are used for many diverse data capture applications. The advantage of mobile phone as pervasive device with a support for internet connectivity will enable its wide application and acceptance. For example there

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