Internet Is Powerful And Largely Uncontrollable Tool Essay

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Today people use Internet to watch and listen their preferred TV and radio programs live, watch movies, read a newspaper or books, and one more big advantage,

for some of them, is the opportunity to work remotely, without having to be physically present at the workplace.
The development of the Internet was accompanied by a phenomenon of the explosion of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks to them, people can always be in touch with their friends or to find those that have not seen for a long time. Through these networks they can exchange materials in a variety of formats: text, images, sound, video, and what is particularly important, their opinions and views about various topics. This is how Internet brings people together.
However, despite all these advantages, there are also some disadvantages of the Internet. Internet is powerful and largely uncontrollable tool, which can cause many side effects. Lack of control allows distribution of unsuitable content, such as racial hatred, pornography, chauvinism, dangerous religious sects, promoting terrorism, etc. In a broader sense, it is also used for propaganda actions, which sometimes are also aimed at creating new war hotbeds and armed conflicts in the world. “After the first bomb, the atom bomb, which was capable of using the energy of radioactivity to smash matter, the spectre of a second bomb is looming at the end of this millennium. This is the information bomb, capable of using the interactivity of…

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