Internet Influence

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Since the end of the 20’s century, with the repaid of development of the Internet and its popularization, it has been becoming an indispensable tool in many ways, it liberates the human brain once again, and that is why our daily life is affected by the Internet. There are three influences in our life: making our life becomes easy, also, it can obstructs our normal social skills, and puts us ourselves in danger.
Obviously, the Internet is making our life convenient. As we know, the Internet is the biggest search system in the world, it is a simple way which we only use mouse to click on a few key words or enter keywords to get the information. As a result of this, access to information has become easy. For students, it can help their studies enormously. We can surf the Internet to look up a story or an answer if we do not know the questions; there are a lot of Internet users that can help you to figure it out. Moreover, you can read daily news from all over the world, it is almost free. Some of websites update the latest news quickly, so we can read them without leaving the house. The Internet makes their searches quick, simple, and easy enjoyable to use. the internet has transformed the way we communicate. The internet has
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Criminals take advantage of technology in many different ways with the Internet, it threat user’s security. Criminals send false email purporting come from banks or other financial companies, and if you would offer your personal information, they would access your credit card; your credit rating is destroyed. Furthermore, it is possible to be accepted computer virus and attacks against computer hardware and software. It violates your privacy. The Internet is a large community, there is no clear limit to prevent minors under the pornographic threats. There is also a risk that the young people are attracted by pornographic information without

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