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Internet Coffee Shop Marketing Plan JavaNet Internet Cafe Executive Summary 1.0 Executive Summary The goal of this marketing plan is to outline the strategies, tactics, and programs that will make the sales goals outlined in the JavaNet business plan a reality in the year 1999. JavaNet, unlike a typical cafe, provides a unique forum for communication and entertainment through the medium of the Internet. JavaNet is the answer to an increasing demand. The public wants: (1) access to the

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The rapid growth of the Internet and online services that has been witnessed worldwide is only the beginning of a long-lived trend towards an economy built on the infrastructure of the Internet. The potential growth of the Internet is enormous, to the point where one day, a computer terminal with an online connection will be as common and necessary as a telephone or toilet. This may be 5 or 10 years down the road, but for the next five years, the online service provider market is sure to experience tremendous growth. Establishing itself as the first cyber-cafe in the area, JavaNet will enjoy the first-mover advantages of name recognition and customer loyalty. Initially, JavaNet will hold a 100 percent share of the cyber-cafe market locally. In the next five years, competitors will enter the market. JavaNet has set a goal to consistently maintain a market share of greater than fifty percent.

2.1.3 Market Trends
The Internet has become a point of conversation in almost all social groups. People are talking about sites they
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