Internet And Social Inequality Essay

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One area that sociologists are intrigued with is the way the Internet contributes to social inequality as well as social exclusion. Lots of people access and make use of whatever the Internet has to offer regularly, working on things like paying bills online to doing research or even connecting with others on websites much like Facebook and MySpace. Social media sites like these are exactly what Siegel means when he says, “Americans spend a large amount, if not a majority, of their leisure time being entertained”. (Siegel 25) Where people (Americans) use sites like Facebook to gain entertainment at the expense of others. However, the those who lack the means to access the Internet or simply have no idea how to make use of it are being deprived …show more content…
Whereas merely several years ago it would be extremely rare, it is now feasible for a person to survive day to day without even leaving the house. Anybody can order groceries online and have it delivered to their house, in addition to any other product they could desire. This could eventually result in social solitude and withdrawal from the larger society, which has numerous ramifications that sociologists have an interest in understanding. As well as transforming the ways we buy stuff, the Internet has also transformed the exchange of info about products, services, and businesses. Before the Internet was around, consumers generally relied on testimonials as well as recommendations from friends and family about which products or services to purchase and also which to steer clear of. For instance, in the event that someone were was in the market for a brand new tv, they would probably depend on advice from friends and family. Today, with the Internet making information a lot more available, consumer analysis is becoming an increasingly significant activity on the internet. If a person really wants to study TV’s, there is definitely no lack of data and opinions on the

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