Essay on Internationalization Of Koyo Jeans From Hong Kong

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William Cheung, the founder of Koyo Jeans, had a very modest beginning. He began his journey by working for a wholesaler who was already renowned in the fashion industry. He used this opportunity to sharpen his craft until he was able to establish his entity. Initially, he encountered numerous challenges since he was not an expert on matters such as outsourcing raw material, supply, sales, and delivery. Despite all this, he was able to create an international brand that is well known for its unique style. This study shows the various aspects of Koyo jeans from the external business environment to the internal environment. Business analysis tools such as the SWOT analysis and Porter 's diamond model have been used to identify its current position and existing gaps for future expansion. While Koyo Jeans has created a successful franchise model, it has made little use of social media platforms to market its goods.
Environmental Audit
An environmental audit is an analysis tool used by business owners and other interested parties to evaluate the performance of the current industry atmosphere. The analysis helps investors, stakeholders and business owners understand and piece together different economic nuances to gain a competitive advantage. This analysis is paramount to business owners since the inherent nature of the industry dictates the amount and patterns of cash flow for all member firms. There are numerous…

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