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The Green Barrier to Free Trade C. P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh and Parthapratim Pal At the end of the latest round of meetings of the agricultural negotiations committee of the WTO, the optimism that negotiators would manage to come at a consensus on numerical targets, formulas and other “modalities” through which countries can frame their liberalisation commitments in a new full-fledged round of trade negotiations has almost disappeared. In a report by the negotiations’ chairperson to

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As in the last Round, there is little agreement among the developed countries themselves on the appropriate shape of the global agricultural trade regime. There are substantial differences in the agenda of the US, the EU and the developed countries within the Cairns group of agricultural exporters. When the rich and the powerful disagree, a global consensus is not easy to come by. In this round of negotiation, the complexity of the situation is likely to increase because a number of developing country including Cuba, Chile, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Zimbabwe has taken a very pro-active role in the negotiations and have often expressed vies which are significantly different from the views expressed by the big three. The extent of disagreement among different country groups can be gauged from a recent paper by the Chairman of WTO Agriculture Committee Stuart Harbinson. This paper is based on the country proposals submitted during the current round of agricultural negations and the follow up consultations among the WTO Members conducted after Doha ministerial. The objective of this paper is to summarize the main features and results of the consultations and to provide a basis for working towards the establishment of modalities for the further commitments. This paper shows that not only there are still wide gaps in the positions among participants regarding fundamental aspects of the further
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