Essay about International Trade With Current Events

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I 'd like to analyze international trade with current events. For example, it is an election year. All of the candidates differ on what they should do about international trade. We are at an interesting time in our country, where companies do part of their business at home and part elsewhere. For example, a meat packaging company will ship their product back and forth between the United States and Asia twice before it returns home. This is because the cost of production, manufacturing and maintaining the product may cheaper or more expensive in a number of different countries. Politicians and economists analyze these prices, and as we learned, firms will look at the margin. It may seem absolutely crazy to be shipping meat back and forth just for something as simple and air-locking it in plastic and placing a label on the package, but if it is cheaper by even a small amount, it will reduce the cost of production greatly when large quantities are taken into account. Some will argue that when companies do this, they are hurting the economy of the United States by giving jobs to other countries, even though the company will buy and sell in the United States. Others will counter that restricting firms from seeking a cheaper option is a violation of individual rights and will ultimately cause companies to lose incentive of doing business in the United States for good. We can look at the gains and losses of exporting goods with terms from Chapter 9 of the text.

Once trade is…

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