International Trade Policy And Trade Policies Essay

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International Trade Policy In the paper, I want to talk about some international trade policies, I totally believe it’s necessary to make some policies to manage the international trade between different countries. Actually the international trade is the exchange of labors, capital ad goods between different countries, most countries produce the agricultural products, materials and other goods to sell to other countries to get reward. International trade can increase the productive capacity of an economy;it can enhance technological diffusion and it can also expand product market. Generally, a country get improvement in standards of living according to trade. Yet, most countries are trying to increase exports and use less money to purchase imports to improve GDP. Even some countries increse the tariffs in order to get a lot of profit, and it causes a lot of conflict between countries. Therefore, countries make some important international trade policies to manage the trade, such as free trade agreement and customs union. Free trade area and customs union are two different trade blocs in the world to control international trade.
Actually, in some industrialized countries, there are few barriers to trade with other countries, for instance, there are no explicit trade tariffs and quotas, or locking regulations. We have been disscussing that tariff is a tax which imposed by government, tariffs are used to protect domestic industries. Tariff as a revenue…

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