Essay about International Tourism Arrivals And Receipt Data

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Tourism as a whole has been continuing to grow at a steady pace year over year for the last six years in both international tourism arrivals and international tourism receipts. This overall increase in tourism has also created various shifts in the top ten destinations for arrivals and receipts, with only seven of the top ten countries appearing in both lists. These differences can be attributed to the fact that each country attracts a unique set of visitors who have different length of stay patterns and have unaligned spending needs for their trips, as well as varying currency exchange (UNWTO, 2016). This paper will review the major differences between the international tourism arrivals and receipt data, as well as define strategies to address these differences.
Industry Review – UNWTO Tourism Highlights For 2015, the UNWTO reported that the top ten places for international tourism arrivals were France, US, Spain, China, Italy, Turkey, Germany, UK, Mexico, and Russian Federation, with Mexico moving from 10th place to 9th, enduring the largest percent increase year over year (UNWTO, 2016). On the other hand, the international tourism receipts were reported, in order, as US, China, Spain, France, UK, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong (China), and Macao (China), with Thailand having the greatest increase jumping from 9th to 6th place, and Hong Kong moving from 10th to 9th, despite being down 5.8% year over year (UNWTO, 2016). Between the two lists, Spain is…

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