International Television And Its Effect On Local Cultural Values

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The article introduced a lot of International television formats in the European countries. The international format trade has seen enormous growth and acceleration for the long time. International television formats was an effective channel to absorb the audience. From chart formats, we can see that Denmark the unequal use of international formats, the disparity between DR1 and TV2. From the article, it has divided entertainment into fiction, traditional entertainment and factual entertainment. It describe a lot of reality TV and lifestyle television, as John Corner has rightly noted that “entertainment this does not mean these programmes are ‘undemocratic per se’” In the article, international television formats gain local cultural value, because they are culturally neutral. There is no doubt that transcend cultures play an important role in the people’s concern. We can find a lot of information in this article is about socio-democratic and socio-cultural values. There are more and more cooking show or child-rearing this kind of reality TV in the people’s lifestyle television. TV audience grew to become an international trend; television has become an important carrier of global lifestyle and market.

Television has become an indispensable part in the modern society life. People through television, dynamic screen understand all over the world. Globalization of information dissemination help people faced with a more diverse society. Mass society contributes to the…

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