International Student Studying Mechanical Engineering Essay

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While globalization at times is an overwhelming concept, it can be readily grasped in our daily lives. From the individual to the State, the exchange of information cannot be blocked; in other words, it can only be directed. I think this is the best thing in today 's globalization process, which is the information, technology exchange between multi-cultural, racial all the time and it cannot be prevented or controlled in any country. The result of this exchange, no matter it is good or bad, it is generating new elements resulting a new world. The disadvantages of globalization is the assimilation of the world different personalities. Start with an example, Norway refused to join the European Union. This is a protest against globalization, Norway do not want to be bothered by EU, which is not a maverick example; in fact, and there are many similar things happen. But this trend of globalization is not easy to against. I am an international student studying Mechanical Engineering in University of Windsor in Canada. When I was a freshman in university, everything in Canada is not as familiar as I known in China, even the Chinese cuisines in Canada are different. It takes me about half a year to get used to these new customs, and it is until today that I still cannot get used to some of customs.
Both China and Canada have holiday in New Year’s eve; however, Chinese focus on the Lunar New year so they just regard New Year’s eve as a special weekend while Canadian enjoy their…

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