International Staffing Case Study

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Most often than not Global staffing tends to pay more attention on the recruitment of senior personnel mostly at the headquarter level based on the approach used (ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric or geocentric) Harzing (2004). The pros and cons of such staffing policy mostly depends on the context and the approaches used Phatak (1989). Sparrow (2007), described four approaches to international staffing recruitment and they are as follows: centralized control and international recruitment primarily for domestic labour market, centralized control and recruitment primarily for overseas labour markets, decentralized control and recruitment primarily for overseas labour markets and de-centralized control and international recruitment
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At the moment all salaries are paid in local currencies particularly for those on national contract. The grade point for each staff is in line with specific country grade salary point. All enumeration and benefit are based on market survey done in country. The terms and condition of services are done based our HR policies and the labour law in country. Our focus is to actually strengthen our national engagement with our constituent whom we work together to bring an end to poverty. Our organisation has adopted a federal model of governance and so we have a national self-governing status and only maintain a memorandum of understanding with the parent body. Even at national level our operations are decentralised. The HR unit more specifically focuses on strategic roles which has helped to make our jobs more competitive, and staffing capacities are been built regularly as a result of cross learning visit, training and integrations with other members of the federation. At the start of very year the HR unit prepares an HR plan which clearly outlines staff needs for each region/unit, and the procedure to meet the needs. The HR Plan for each project area is signed off by the SMT at country level. The HR team at the international secretariat has been reduced in size and just providing expertise to in …show more content…
I will also expand my recruitment network and build a data base of potential staff. Our retention strategy will be review to incorporate comments from staff who have left the organization due to one reason or the other. The success planning and talent management will be more robust in nature and will endeavor to involve specialist to help the HR unit sought out potential talent. My networking skills with other likeminded organizations will be greatly enhance to ensure that potential talents are encouraged to

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