International Restaurant Case Study

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Conclusions using Graphs: 2
Forecasting of Specified Business Information: 3
Project Plan and Critical Path 4
Company Ownership 4
Start-up Summary 4
Start-up Requirements: 5
Total Expenses: 5
Company Location: 5
Facilities: 5
Product Description and Menu Cards: 6
Competitive Comparison: 6
Future Endeavors: 6
Conclusion: 6
References: 7

Task 2:
3.1 produce graphs using spreadsheets and draw valid conclusions based on the information derived
Conclusions using Graphs: The chart shows the trend of restaurants which took place during a span of four years i.e. from 2012 to 2015. When people were asked for the choice of local VS international restaurant, the results for the two markets were contradictory. Firstly in 2012, there was a big difference in the sales of a local and international restaurant because the international restaurants were booming with a 10 times higher profit than that of local restaurants. In 2013, the international market was on peak which is an evidence of how much residents of London love international foods like Thai, Chinese and other cuisines. However, the depletion rate is also evident in the chart and in current market; the local restaurants are in trends which is an ideal situation for the stakeholders to start an eatery at a location where there are international restaurants so that more and more
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The expected salary that an employee, more specifically a chef expects in London restaurant is 48,700 pounds per year. The median depicts that the 50% permanent employees expect their salaries above 40,000 pounds and the employees on probation expect less than 40,000 pounds. The first quartile tells that 25% on-probation employees expect salary equal or less than 30,000 pounds per year. Median is the second quartile and the third quartile depicts that 75% permanent employees expect a salary equal or less than 50,000 pounds per

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