International Relations Should Not Be Flying Over The Heads Of People

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a guy named Spock had something called the Force. Captain Kirk was taking voyages on the Millennium Falcon across the galaxy, and Luke Skywalker was killing Klingons all over the Death Star. Star Wars and Star Trek imagine a future where technology has magnificent implications and improved the lives of many people; the technological advancements are most impressive. In the current time, society is making fantastic technological advancements leaps in its own ways: in September of this year, there is going to be drones flying over the heads of people in America. This should cause one to ponder how ethical drones are. The drones’ potential is vast with the ability to safely combat crime and wage war, but the privacy violations and misuses of drones outweigh any possible benefits. Drones may seem to be a bright idea, but these drones, like photon blasters, could have detrimental impacts.
International relations must be considered when using drones for offensive measures. It does not send a comforting message to the citizens when drones are decimating nearby buildings and killing their eighbors an unnecessary collateral damage and most likely not militants. A New York Times article from a couple years ago does a fantastic job at pointing out why the costs outweigh the benefits. To begin, it explains that drones create a “siege mentality” for the citizens. While the United States used drones in Pakistan to take out militants, it angered…

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