Essay about International Relations And Foreign Aid

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Without a doubt, in 2015, international relations and foreign aid has been a topic on the minds of many people: both those in need, and those who are involved in the aid effort, whether directly or indirectly. It is a highly divisive subject, pitting the potential of irreversible economic and societal tendency changes against the perceived generosity and goodwill of nations. Yet what is a country’s responsibility to assist neighbouring nations when they are in unrest? If the country is not directly involved in the problem, should they be assisting a country that is in need of aid? This problem is manifesting itself directly in the world today, particularly in the form of the European Refugee Crisis, that is forcing European countries to make tough decisions about whether to welcome new refugees into their borders, and face the potential social ramifications such as segregation, while also facing the economic difficulty that will come with introducing a whole new division of people into their land. However, whether it be this years’ serious refugee crisis, or any other situation where one country not involved directly has chosen to help another, one thing remains the same. This is the assumption of a need to help other countries. It is undoubtable that to a certain degree, countries claiming personal responsibility for helping with foreign issues does factor into international relations; the question is simply to what extent this plays a role.

Countries have long been…

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