International Politics Of The World Essay

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International relations present a subfield of political science that examines the international politics of the world. International relations study the behaviors and interactions among various actors in forming international political processes. Theories are developed to better understand the events that occur in international relations every day in order to answer the questions in this area. Theories depict a domain within an organization and specifically tie together a field of inquiry in relation to its parts. According to Walt, everyone uses theories; whether they choose to agree or disagree about certain concepts that shape international outcomes (29). Walt explains that no single approach can define all the different complications of world politics; therefore, the world undergoes many different perspectives on international relations. The three most prominent theories in international relations are realism, liberalism, and constructivism. Realism exists to emphasize that the politics of the world is based on self-interest. Realism focuses on conflict between the states; and bases its policies on an interpretation of interest in terms of power. The views are usually pessimistic for eliminating conflict, and the primary desire is to dominate other states in order to survive. Realism in itself is not a single theory, and different realists advance different perspectives of realism. Classical realist, Morgenthau, underlines the virtues of the multipolar…

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