Essay about International Organization Of Standardization ( Iso )

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Latimer (1997) reported that in 1946, representatives from 25 countries joined together to create a common and unified industrial standard; the organization created was the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). ISO has published more than 18,500 international standards in a 60-year time period beginning in 1947. These standards range from agriculture and construction standards, to mechanical engineering, to state-of-the-art information technology advances (ISO, 2011). Lawrence D. Eicher, the former ISO Secretary-General, stated in the book Friendship among Equals “The essence of ISO 's history is made up of the visions, aspirations, doubts, successes, and failures of the people who, over the past fifty years, have created this rather remarkable organization”. According to Surak, (2006), there were three major turning points for ISO, the first being the development of the ISO 9000 Quality Management System in the 1980s.Until this time, ISO was primarily known for creating technical specifications for specific industries such as clothing size and laser technology. The second major turning point for ISO was the development and implementation of the ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standard in 1993. This was a major step as it started to work with public policy and general public interest. The third major turning point for ISO was the development of standards that support sustainability. This standard was named ISO Horizon 2010:…

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