International Marketing Essay

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Chapter 1:

1. To what extent is a global approach to international marketing appropriate to firms in the Asia-Pacific?
Global approaches are not always relevant to firms in the Asia-Pacific apart from alerting them to the nature of the international competitive environment in which they are likely to operate. A global approach is not an operating strategy for Indigenous small and medium scale exporters (SMEs) and is only partially appropriate for local subsidiaries of transnational firms. 2. Do the driving forces always outweigh the restraining forces in ensuring the attractiveness of international marketing to the Asia-Pacific firm?

3. Why is it necessary to adopt a holistic approach in
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Chapter 14: 1. How does each stage of the communications process require modification when promoting in other countries? 2. Rate in terms of importance factors in international communications when promoting machine tools in India. 3. What are the factors affecting the effectiveness of communicating messages to international markets? 4. How do newspapers differ from magazines as promotional print media for accessing international markets? 5. Will global media eventually replace national media? What are the factors that underlie the rise of global media? 6. Why are tradeshows an ideal medium for the new exporter to introduce products into an international market? 7. How do technical seminars differ from trade shows? When would you use a technical seminar in preference to a trade show? 8. What are the key features of a trade mission which facilitate its use as a vehicle for researching opportunities in an international market? 9. What are the characteristics of an effective international as opposed to a domestic salesperson? 10. Under what circumstances is the doughnut principle preferable to complete differentiation when promoting in international markets?
Chatper 15: 1. In what ways is the role of pricing in the international market a) similar to ad b) different from the role of pricing in the domestic market? 2.

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