International Marketing Essay

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Multiple Choice Questions

1. The United States has many successful trade relationships. Four of these relationships account for a tremendous volume of trade. All of the following countries are among the top four producers of trade for the U.S. EXCEPT: A) Canada B) Mexico C) Japan D) France E) China

2. For every dollar the United States invested in the economic development and rebuilding of other countries after World War II, hundreds of dollars returned in the form of purchases of U.S. goods and services. The primary plan after World War II used to rebuild and reinvigorate war ravaged countries was the: A) Eisenhower Plan B) Marshall Plan
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A) quota B) trade penalty C) tariff D) boycott E) embargo

17. __________ generally do all of the following: increase inflationary pressures and special interests' privileges; decrease balance-of-payments positions; and, restrict competition. A) Tariffs B) Voluntary export restraints C) Orderly market agreements D) Monetary barriers E) Quotas

18. In general, __________ are arbitrary, discriminatory, and require constant administration and supervision. A) tariffs B) standards C) quotas D) boycotts E) embargoes

19. A specific unit or dollar limit applied to a particular type of good is called a(n): A) tariff. B) quota. C) standard. D) embargo. E) boycott.

20. All of the following would be considered to be nontariff barriers that could be erected to restrict trade EXCEPT: A) quotas. B) taxes C) packaging requirements D) border taxes. E) embargoes.

21. Which of the following types of nontariff barriers would be considered to be “specific limitations on trade” by international marketers? A) Fees B) Export subsidies C) Voluntary export restraints

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