International Market Research: The Challenges In International Marketing Research

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Discuss the difficulties in conducting international marketing research.
Global market research has a numerous barriers and obstacles that make the process considerably difficult and requires a narrow vision of the international marketers in order to acquire the data needed. The main difficulties in conducting international marketing research are:
• Availability of data: in most developing and underdeveloped countries, the process of gathering data is highly difficult and represents a real issue to international marketers. In fact, when a company is planning to enter a foreign market, the various data and information are indispensable and essential as part of the very first step of understanding any given market. The governments in developing countries do not provide the necessary information for foreign investors, and the lack of the private statistics consultancy companies lead to minimize the information about the market.
• Compatibility of data: some companies tend to gather data and information from other countries that have available data about the market at hand. However, international marketers should be aware of the fact that the interpretation of data differ from one country to another. For example, an American company that gathers data from a French company about the Algerian market should
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Indeed, the language is one of the cultural trends that reflect the way local customers express their interest or disinterest. In some countries more than one language is spoken and conducting market research through surveys require more efforts and time. Religion is another cultural factor in conducting market research, especially in Muslim countries. By all means, the customers’ behavior in Muslim countries such as Emirates, Qatar, Morocco, and Turkey are related to the Islamic

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