International Law And Humanitarian Intervention Essay

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March 23, 1999 marked the beginning of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (“NATO”) seventy-eight day bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (“FRY”). Most international lawyers approved the h1999 bombing of Kosovo on behalf of NATO, but most of them also felt that it was incompatible with the formal reading of the UN Charter in regards to international law. The rationale for the campaign was on the basis of “humanitarian intervention.” It was said to be in prevention of the ethnic cleansing of the Kosovar Albanians of Siberia by the authoritative regime of Slobodan Milosevic, and to accept NATO’s terms for the resolution of the Kosovo’s further political stability. The legal justification of this conflict has since been contested by a variety of legal scholars. The question this essay will seek to investigate, is whether given the considerations of international law, the NATO intervention of Kosovo on the grounds of humanitarian intervention should indeed be considered legal. This essay will use the conditions of international law to prove the legal permissibility of NATO’s intervention in Kosovo. The overarching question that will be the center of this essay goes as follows: humanity’s sacrifice for the rule of law, or the consummation of an inherent breach of the United Nations Charter? This dichotomy fuels the debate of international lawyers in regards to the NATO intervention of Kosovo.

The authority of international law rests on a reasonable…

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