International Law And Domestic Law Essay

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International law is a broad body that operates within an anarchic system. It contains two sections of law as well as a multitude of organizations that work within the laws. These laws also are enforced, or attempted to be enforced, by international courts in which states hold each other accountable for their actions.
International law contains two types, public and private. Public international law is legal norms such as treaties that apply to interactions between states or states and other actors. Public international law also covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from human rights, criminal activities, and territorial claims. Private international law deals with multi-national corporations such as Google versus Baidu, that are not in the public sector. The difference between international law and domestic law is that whether it is public or private, international law works in an anarchic system, while domestic law does not. For example, in a classroom in domestic law, there is a teacher who enforces the rules and the students have to comply in order to not get in trouble. In a classroom in international law, however, there is no teacher and the students make decisions with other students without enforcement. States in the international system have to come up with laws and states hold each other accountable. This lack of enforcement in international law does not deter the majority of states from complying with international law, however. Realists would say that states…

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