Essay about International Human Resource Management

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1. What are the main similarities and differences between domestic and international HRM?

• More HR activities.
• The need for a broader perspective
• More involvement in employees’ personal lives.
• Changes in emphasis as the workforce mix of expatriates and a local varies.
• Risk exposure.
• Broader external influences.
• Cultural awareness and the role of the international HR manager

o Despite the methodological concerns about cross-cultural research, it is now generally recognized that culturally insensitive attitudes and behaviors stemming from ignorance or from misguided beliefs are not only inappropriate but can all-too-often contribute to international
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• Technical ability

ü An employee’s ability to perform the required tasks of a particular job is an important selection factor. Technical and managerial skills are therefore an essential criterion.

• Cross-cultural suitability:

ü As we have already discussed, the cultural environment in which expatriates operate is an important factor for determining successful performance. Here, intercultural competence and related concepts as well as the ability to adjust to a foreign culture play important roles.

• Family Requirements

ü The family is a very important influence factor on the success of an international assignment, particularly the spouse. From the multinational’s perspective, expatriate performance in the host location is the important factor.

• Country/Cultural requirements

ü International firms are usually required to demonstrate that a HCN is not available before the host government will issue the necessary work permit and entry visa for the desired PCN or TCN.

• MNE Requirements

ü Selection decisions are influenced by the specific situation of the MNE. For example, the MNE may consider the proportion of expatriates to local staff when making selection decisions, mainly as an outcome of its staffing philosophy.

• Language

ü Language skills may be regarded as of critical importance for some expatriate positions, but lesser in others, though some would argue

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