International Human Resource Management Essay

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Training Evaluation

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Introduction 4

Reasons for evaluating training 5

- Formative Evaluation 6

- Summative Evaluation 6

Overview of the Evaluation Process 8

Outcomes Used in the Evaluation of Training Program 9

-Reaction Outcomes 9

-Learning or Cognitive Outcomes 9

-Behavior and Skill-Based Outcomes 9
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-Training effectiveness refers to the benefit that the company and the trainees receive from training

-Training outcomes or Criteria refers to measures that the trainer and the company use to evaluate training programs.

-Training evaluation refers to the process of collecting the outcomes needed to determine whether training is effective

-Evaluation design refers to the collection—including what, when, how, and from whom—that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the training program.

Reasons for evaluating training

Companies are investing million of dollars in training programs to help gain a competitive advantage.

The influence of training is largest for organization performance outcomes and human resource outcomes and weakest for financial outcomes.

Training evaluation provides a way to understand the investments that training produces and provides information needed to improve training.

Training evaluation involves both formative and summative evaluation.

Formative Evaluation

-Formative evaluation refers to the evaluation of training that takes place during programs design and envelopment. That is , formative evaluation help to ensure that

1. The training program is well organized and runs smoothly.

2. Trainees learn and satisfied with the programs.

-pilot testing refers to the process

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