Essay on International Human Resource Management Plan

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The recent globalisation of the economy has brought about significant changes in the way in which New Zealand organisations operate. (Enderwick & Hodgson, 1993) One of the most important changes that have occurred from internationalisation of businesses is the use of expatriates in overseas roles. With increasingly more firms entering the global marketplace, the challenge of managing human resources on a global scale is becoming a critical development in international business. The selection of suitable expatriates is the key strategic challenge for multinational corporations. The organisation must ensure that the expatriate will be effective in their offshore operations by using strict selection criteria; evaluating the candidate’s abilities, characteristics and skills. (Selmer, 1995) Aiding this, a strong human resource management plan needs to be implemented throughout the duration of the expatriate’s time in their offshore post in order to ensure their success, particularly if the expatriate is posted in a culturally distant country.
International human resource management is complicated, challenging and critical to global business success. An organisation must ensure that its domestic human resources policies and practices are well established in order to ensure a smooth transition to international activities. As Stone (2013) states, a successful human resources management policy requires “clearly developed objectives that are closely bound to the organisation’s global…

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