International Human Resource Management (Importance Ad Significance)

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Differences between Domestic and International Human Resource Management 2
What is Expatriate 4
IHRM has three dimensions 4
International assignments create expatriates 5
Increasing Importance of International Human Resource Management 6
Significance of International Human Resource Management 9
Conclusion 11
Reference……. 12

As we enter the new millennium, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of managing their human resources as effectively as possible. They are also recognizing that doing so, however, cannot be done without recognition and incorporation of the global context. It is virtually impossible to read a business periodical or
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Human Resource Management (HRM) is a group of individuals in an organization created to increase employee performance in service of the employer’s objectives. HRM focuses on recruitment, management, and providing direction for employees with organizations within the organization’s policy and systems. There are two primary types are the international HRM or IHRM and the domestic HRM or just HRM. Domestic HRM is when HRM is practiced with in the geographical boundaries of one country. It focuses on the management of people in a single-country. International HRM is when HRM is practiced by multinational organizations. It focuses on the management of people in multi-country. There are multiple similarities between the international and domestic human resource practices. The similarities are areas like planning and staffing, recruitment and selection, reward, along with appraisal and development HRM can work with each other and it would be hard to tell the difference between the two (Dowling, 2008). But there are two ways to tell them apart (Dowling, 2008).
For instance, the first one would be difficulties of working in one country, where the employee have to adapt to different policy and procedures to address their customs and laws. The second one would be the fact of having to hire multiple nationalities in order of facilitate the

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