International Fin Man Report-the Philippines Essay

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Introduction 2

Country Overview 2

The Political Environment 3

Recent History 3 The Present Government 3 Political Stability 4 Opposition Parties 4

Economic and Financial Analysis 5

Trade History & Major Products 5 GDP Growth per capita 5 Unemployment & Price level Changes Inflation 6 Exchange Rate Innovations 7 Investments in the Stock Market 7 Investments in the Bond Market 8 Foreign Exchange Reserves 9 Structure of Industries 10 The Banking System 10 Monetary Policy / Money Supply Growth 11 Foreign Debt 12 Capital Flight 12

Asian Currency Crisis 13

Philippines before the crisis 13 What caused the Asian Currency Crisis? The effect it had on
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Bordering its coastline to the west and north is the China Sea; to the east is the Pacific Ocean; and to the south, the Celebes Sea and the coastal waters of Borneo. The Philippines' location in Asia is strategic since it is situated on the crossroads of Asia's commerce and transportation. It plays a significant role in international affairs [Appendix A fig. 1] (

Country Overview

Two major languages are spoken in the Philippines: Tagalog and English. Ninety percent of the population are Christians and about 10 percent are Muslims. There is a tropical and humid climate in the lower land areas, but this becomes cooler at the higher altitudes ( The land area totals 298,170 square kilometers, and the Philippines has a total population of approximately 80 million people. The capital of this large island country is Manila located on the island of Luzon. There are numerous islands in the Philippines that are all prone to earthquakes. Within the Philippines, there lies large mountainous terrain, narrow coastal plains and interior valleys and plains. There are also vast amounts of dormant and active volcanoes, notably Mount Pinatubo in Central Luzon (

The Political Environment

Recent History

The Philippines has traditionally had a private enterprise economy both in policy and in practice. The

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