Essay International Environmental Laws And Regulatory Oversight

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Over the course of the three decades, the issue of environmental management has emerged in international debates while at the same time, countless numbers of research continues to revealed facts about pollutions, deforestation, loss of biodiversity ecological degradation and the list goes on. However, this problem has manifested into a global dabate, thus giving birth to implementation international environmental law, bilateral agreement, as well as conferences on environmental management. For example, in order to promote a comprehensive international policy that strengthen environmental protection, Ved P. Nanda and George Pring, authors of International Environmental Law and Policy for the 21st Century recognizes the importance for governments around the world to promote and implement international policies that take into consideration environmental laws and regulatory oversight. The authors write” Developing international law is a vital component of environmental management”(Nanda and Pring 106, 2013) As the result of this, international environmental law has taken the global stage thus empowering nations to establish bilateral and multilateral cooperation as well as treaties that seek to protect the our global environmental.
As international environmental law developed in the 21st century, it became a concern to many developed nations because they fear that environmental protection could lead to market failures as a result of preserving natural resources that most…

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