International Doctoral Innovation Centre Programme Essay

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I am studying International Studies with International Relations and Comparative Politics as my main pathway for my undergraduate degree. Despite my background from politics, I realised that in this increasingly digitised world, the boundary between the physical and non-physical world is becoming increasingly blurred. Working as a research assistant has made me realise that there are many research gaps in the field of politics where technology and online social media are utilised. I believe that these research gaps are worth exploring, and given the speed of the technology adoption as an inseparable element in our lives, I think it is important to get a better insight and understanding of what lies in the digital world and what impact it may has to those in the physical world. This curiousity and realisation aspire me to finally choose to pursue a doctoral degree. I believe that the International Doctoral Innovation Centre Programme (IDIC) in Digital Economy is able to give me the necessary relevant research training and guidance to pursue research in politics and its digitisation. I believe that given my relevant research experience and training, I am eligible to be considered as one of the recipient for this prestigious PhD studentship programme.

My interest in conducting a multidisciplinary research in politics, business, digital economy and information system can be seen in modules that I have taken across my study and internship experience. I belief that I am…

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