International Day Of The Girl Essay

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1. Why do you want to attend the IDG?
International Day of the Girl has always held great importance in my life. I believe that advocacy for gender inequality is one of the most essential topics people should be fighting for. Ever since I became aware of the IDG, I have wanted to attend this special event. I view these few days at the UN as the pinnacle of fighting against gender inequality because of the amount of people it attracts, especially experts and extreme advocates for this great cause. As a passionate feminist, I have always wanted to be a part of the group of people who meet on these very special days in hopes that I can positively contribute to this movement.

2. What does the “Because I am a Girl” movement mean to you?
“Because I am a Girl” means taking initiative to help girls all around the world who suffer from inequality where they live on a daily basis. Even though gender inequality is still present within the U.S., it is nowhere near as severe as it is within less-developed countries. Girls in these countries cannot even walk to school to receive the education they deserve without fear that they may not come home because they will be kidnapped or raped. In my eyes, the BIAAG movement tries to help solve these grave issues so girls all around the world can feel comfortable and equal in their skin.

3. Within the SDGs, which do you feel are the most important for Plan to target and why?
I feel that both Gender Equality (SDG #5) and Climate Action (SDG…

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