International Code Of Ethics For Nursing Essay

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My Nursing Philosophy According to the International Code of Ethics for Nursing, I am to provide care that promotes and restores health, prevents illness, and alleviates suffering (Husted & Husted, 2015). Nursing relies on theoretical knowledge which informs and defines its practice. There are four areas or patterns of knowing in nursing: 1) empirics, or the science of nursing; 2) aesthetics, or the art of nursing; 3) personal knowledge, 4) ethics, or moral knowledge; and 5) emancipatory knowledge, which identifies social problems and solutions (Chinn & Kramer, 2015). All of these patterns of knowing impact the care I give to one degree or another. However, my worldview influences and informs everything that I know. In being therapeutic, I must have the self-awareness to know how I impact the care I deliver (Chinn & Kramer, 2015). This self-awareness includes describing what nursing means to me, the factors that have influenced the development of my personal nursing philosophy, my philosophical thoughts on the four concepts in nursing 's meta-paradigm. Lastly, I will delineate the nursing theories that are most closely aligned with my nursing philosophy. Personal Meaning of Nursing
My worldview is defined by what I believe to be true, which informs my perception of the world, and what I know (Duckham & Schreiber, 2016). My nursing philosophy is based on a Christian worldview and defines how I treat others, including patients…

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