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Introduction: When it comes to dealing with issues in the international level, ethics becomes more and more difficult to understand as ethics can be interpreted in different ways to different people, and their ethics may change when dealing with issues abroad. Today, many individuals from different parts of the world and from different backgrounds, cultures, environment, etc. have started to do business with each. Globalization has given opportunities for individuals to expand within the

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Although there has been much controversial issues related to the mine, Goldcorp Inc. has benefited the community through providing approximately 1,905 jobs of which 98% of the jobs have been given to Guatemalan residents. Goldcorp Inc. understands that to be able to succeed within the Guatemalan community, they must first establish values within the communities and the stakeholders involved. Goldcorp Inc. has also implemented environmental initiatives in order to properly manage the environment within Marlin mine. The reforestation campaign helps the community through ensuring planted trees will be able to reach maturity. Reforestation is a requirement under Guatemalan law. However, the voluntary program initiated by Goldcorp Inc. through the Marlin mine has not only helped reforest the mining area, but also pay private landowners to plant and care for the trees until they mature.

Situation of Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine Issue:
From the beginning till present, the Marlin mine has sparked much controversy over the environmental and human rights issues. There have been problems such as the allegations of human rights violations, activists protesting against the mine due to the environmental impact the mine has on the community, violence from protesters, environmental studies against the operation of the mine, territorial and ownership issues, etc. One of the most recent issues
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