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Bachelor of Business (Management)

BUSM1227 – International Business International Business: Course Review
Jan 2013

Appealed From Miss. Janice Tan – Program Manager HE 6 (RMIT Programs) 1. Sign-Up For The SIM-RMIT Business Plan Competition (Top Prize – A$25,000)

2. End Of Course Evaluation – Although NOT Mandatory; SIM Would Appreciate Your Constructive Feedback To Improve On:
     Subject Content, Lecturer Effectiveness, IT & Facilities, Library, and Programme Management.
School/Department/Area 2

8/28/2013RMIT University©yyyy

International Business: Course Review Business College

School of Management

My Solemn Commitment To You

 To Impart Academic Knowledge;  To Relate My Professional Experience In The
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Organizing In A Global Economy
 Addressing issues of creating & managing operations on a worldwide scale.

Interacting In A Global Economy
 Learning how to interact with & motivate persons of different cultural, social, & economics backgrounds.

Controlling In A Global Economy
 Integrating

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