International Business Strategies : International Marketing Strategies

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International Business Strategies
The following paper will address and explain international business strategies and the various ways companies use business strategies to achieve international success. The paper will explain the benefit international business strategies create for companies and the importance for companies to use the correct strategies according to their overall company strategy.
Overview of International Business Strategies Companies and individuals must have a plan in place and overall strategies when pursuing expansion into international territories. The international business strategies companies select should create long-term growth and value or profits for many years into the future (Fung, 2014). Companies that want to survive in this competitive business world must expand outside of the local area and conduct business within international markets that provide stability, income, and positive target markets. Companies looking to expand into international markets must pay attention to other companies enjoying international success and practice international strategies that work (Fung, 2014). Companies that expand into international locations add value to the home country and the international country benefits with a new company and new products. China is the second largest economy in the world today due to increased international expansion from Chinese companies and international companies expanding into China (Fung, 2014). Companies that…

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