The Importance Of Equality In The Workplace

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When businesses of developed nations do business internationally, they must deal with an array of human and labor right differences. The company must learn about these areas of difference and must make ethical decisions about how they produce within these countries. Businesses in the modern world are expected to behave ethically, even by law in most developed countries. Therefore, they must balance their goal of earning a profit with ethics. Businesses today are tempted to bypass ethical issues in order to gain profit by exploiting the developing nations. However, with the constant scrutiny of current business practices by governments, the media, pressure groups, and consumers, ethical risk management has become an important factor in doing …show more content…
Even though Canada has many laws against any form of discrimination, education and legislation on equality issues and gender roles differ from one country to another. Canadian companies may face ethical dilemmas in their host countries in their efforts to act appropriately in issues of employee equality. Therefore affecting how they conduct their business internationally. Fairness, for women, minority groups, and individuals with disabilities at work continues to be an issues in Canada and other countries internationally. Interestingly, according to a recent study conducted in 2015 found that one in five Canadians feel discriminated in the workplace because of their gender. It also revealed that a significant number of Canadians believe they have been discriminated upon because of sexual orientation, religious beliefs or age. The survey revealed that those rates are higher in Canada than in many other developed countries. Experts say that Canada still has a lot of work to do to when it comes to equality in the workplace. One may question how does this affect international business? Intriguingly, according to the World Bank, countries where women and men have equal rights enjoy higher economic growth, lower poverty rates, and less corruption than nations where women and men are treated differently. Higher economic growth evokes more opportunity for international trade as the country gains more capital. Countries that encompass these positive outputs have a higher chance of being approached by Multi National Corporations who will start investing in the country, further pushing economic

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