Essay on International Business Environment And Corporate Management

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Over the 20th century, with the growth of globalization and nationalization, the current business environment and corporate management have transcended geographical boundaries, multinational companies are becoming more and more competitive, which means that multinational companies need a cross geographical and cultural boundaries (Baruch, 2002). Therefore, in order to adjust to this new world rank, multinational companies need to develop more international managers, in addition, multinational management quality in the international arena is very important. In entering the international market, without a high-quality international managers, will confront a lot of risk (Forster, 2000). International managers face challenges of ethnic diversity and linguistic diversity, such as different time zones, different languages, international managerial energy, communication barriers, cultural conflicts, political factors, institutional factors, etc. (McFarlin and Sweeney, 2011). Thus, becoming a successful international manager is difficult, international managers need to master a variety of skills, and overcome the ethnic diversity and linguistic diversity from the full control and control of multinational companies, and ensure that the interests of the company.

Cultural diversity
The foremost challenge facing international managers is the cultural diversity. Cultural diversity includes legal structure, political system and ethical behavior differences, how to share with these…

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