International Association Of Social Workers Essay

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As the exemplar of professional conduct for social workers, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics exhibits stringent principles and responsibilities in the face of ethical dilemmas natural to interpersonal relationships within practice settings. In order to ensure quality of service toward clients while maintaining professionalism in correspondence with individual colleagues and agencies, the Code of Ethics describes a social worker’s fundamental values with a special emphasis on competency and respect. Relating to these particular values highlighted in the Code of Ethics, discussed are ethical issues present among individuals in the film Gran Torino, and the implementation of said principles in dilemmas one may potentially face as a social worker in practice. Situated in a diverse Detroit neighborhood permeated with crime and gang violence, the Gran Torino depicts a series of ethical issues present within individuals in the community that are undoubtedly illustrative of the cultural differences and clash of values that could occur in practice settings. The protagonist of the film, Walt Kowalski, is characterized as a misanthropic veteran afflicted with bigoted beliefs originating from his service in the Korean war. Much to his contempt, Walt’s ever-changing neighborhood becomes home to the Van Lors, a Hmong family from Thailand comprised of Thao and his sister Sue, along with their widowed mother and grandmother. Upon his first…

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