International Aspects Of Tourism Sector Essay

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Priyanka Mannem
6 Warra Street
Toowomba , QLD 4350
29 September 2013

Dr. Mafiz Rahman
76-78 Symonds Street
PO Box 1010
Grafton, Auckland

Dear Mafiz Rahman,

Please find attached the report you requested, foreign investment in India in the Tourism sector.
This report discusses the background of the Tourism sector/industry in India and the detailed analysis on foreign investment in this sector. Details of opportunities, barriers, threats, advantages, disadvantages, and attractiveness of foreign market, available resources, and emerging trends are analysed by different researches.
Executive summary outlines the report and conclusions and recommendations are detailed at the end to create an overall view of the report.
It was my pleasure to prepare the report for you and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Yours sincerely

Vijay Shankar Executive Summary
This report has been commissioned by Chandra . This report explains about international aspects of Tourism sector and industrial analysis in India to invite a foreign investor to India. This report outlines the background of the Tourism resources in India and the country’s positions in the world. Thorough analysis of the requirements in India have been discussed in detail. The attractiveness of foreign market in India, emerging trends, future requirements and the global leaders in this sector are summarized in the background section.
Proper research has been done and different opportunities and…

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