International Adoption Essay

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International Adoption

The necessity of adoption in the world is astounding. Currently, there is an estimated 143 million orphans worldwide (Wingert, vol.151). As of 2007, there were 513,000 children living in foster care within the United States alone (Rousseau 21:14).International adoption in the United States was jumpstarted post World War II as a way of helping those children who were left homeless, after war had taken their parents. Although there are thousands of healthy children awaiting adoption in the United States, several American couples still turn to foreign adoption when seeking potential children. Americans often fail to realize the need for intervention within their own country and their duty to take care of domestic
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Due to the revenue that international adoption creates, nations have become more “concerned with the commercialization of vulnerable children” (qtd. in Wingert, vol.151). Corruption present in the government of impoverished countries overpowers the need to focus on the children whose lives are at stake. Americans hoping to adopt children from other nations face the possibility of price discrimination. In Guatemala, private lawyers control adoption and can charge 35,000 dollars or more per child adoption (Wingert, vol. 151). International adoption is a “multi-million dollar business” (O’Flynn 39) that it is no longer about “ ‘finding homes for children’ ” but “ ‘finding children for families’ ” (qtd. in Wingert, vol.151). Due to the corruption and exploitation that comes with international adoption not only are prospective parents and their potential children put into risky situations, but also birth families who have lost connection with their child.
There is a common misconception that domestic adoption is alive and thriving within in the United States and that there is a limited number of children available for adoption (Hollingsworth 48:209). As a result, Americans turn toward international adoption because they believe their duty has been done. However, the duties of the American people to help the

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