Internal, Internal And Marketing Factors Influences On Buying Behaviors

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Number 4- Buying influences
There are several buying influences that impact the buying behaviors of consumers. These can be categorized into internal, external and marketing factors of marketing. Proximity addresses each of these factors through well-developed marketing strategies.
External Factors
External factors include social influences such as family relations, social class and reference groups. Proximity recognizes that individuals of a certain social classes desire the prestige and notoriety associated with staying in an award winning hotel. The President of the United States, national and state leaders, celebrities and diplomats have stayed at the Proximity hotel when needing accommodations in the Greensboro, NC area. Individuals
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These include perception, knowledge, attitudes, trust and lifestyles. Proximity Hotel addresses multiple areas with regards to these internal factors of buying behaviors.
Proximity offers a wide variety of services that meet the lifestyle needs of consumers. There are customers may not stay in a hotel that is not well known for its high standards of customer service within a luxury full service hotel. Proximity meets the needs of these individuals because it offers both full service accommodations and high customer service as documented by Trip Advisor’s online reviews. These reviews indicated that 71% of respondents rated their stays at Proximity as excellent and 20% reflected very good reviews during their stays. (Viller, 2015)
Perception greatly influences buying behaviors. Many customer’s reviews noted that they visited Proximity for a first time due it reputation, prestige and national notoriety. Customers wanted to stay in a top ranked hotel. Proximity Hotel ranked 41st in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine and was identified as one of the world’s top 50 hotels located in large cities in the United States. (Firesheets, 2012) According to Sam Newburg, “The Proximity has also garnered attention from the media because of its sustainable features. It has been chosen as a location to host events sponsored by groups with a green focus simply because it is to date one of the few existing sustainable hotels
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While noted, the economy of purchase for luxury and upscale hotels involve a segment of the industry that price level has little impact. Proximity Hotel seeks to “full engage” is customers through high quality customer service, high quality amenities and aesthetic offerings in the facility environment. Timmerman and Yu offer, “Luxury customers spent an average of $910 at the hotel they visited most frequently over the past 12 months.” (Timmerman, 2014) These customers are loyal to brand and price level rarely influences their buying decisions. Furthermore, Timmerman and Yu note, “Luxury and upper upscale customers consider the look and feel of the hotel as one of the most important factors for first and repeat visits.” (Timmerman,

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