Internal Environment : Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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V. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES Corporate Structure. General Electric has a board of directors is elected by the shareowners to oversee management and to assure that the long-term interests of the shareowners are being served (Governance Principles, n.d.). Board directors are responsible for making the key decisions for GE including counsel and oversight of management, financial and business strategies and actions, assessing risks and maintaining integrity for the company. This is in line with their business strategies and is organized on a combination on the basis of functions, projects and geography. This structure seems to relate closely to other companies of the same size and purpose.
Competencies. The core competencies of General Electric are broken into four segments that allow them to offer services and products across many different industries. These segments include energy, technology infrastructure, capital finance, and consumer industrial (Business Core Competency - General Electric, n.d.). These allow the company to stand out because they have something to help every person and business.
Competitive Advantage. GE lists their competitive advantage as operational excellence that customer’s value. They seem to sustainable and continue to have an advantage due to the commitment to new product introduction, commercial excellence, services, inquiry to order and order to remittance and GE capital deal conversion. Many other companies have similar…

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