Essay on Internal Communication And Non Profit Organizations

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Internal communication in non-profit organizations Many non-profit organizations are so focused on communicating with an external audience, such as volunteers, donors and the media, that they forget the importance of communication with its own staff (Bruner, 2011). Internal communication should be guided by clear policies and practices. The management of an organization should actively listen and respond respectfully to the employees that have something to say, and also encourage those who do not, to share their views (“Principles: Communication, n.d.). The management of a non-profit organization should actively listen to the staff, to make them feel included (“Communications toolkit,” 2011). The employees might have some good ideas for improvements within the organization. Sondi Bruner (2011) writes about five ways to better internal communication in non-profit organizations. Those are:
Engage your employees and excite them about your cause: An advantage of doing internal communication in a non-profit compared to a for-profit, is that the employees often work there because of the good the organization does and the difference it makes in a certain area. Show the employees their impact on the clients through storytelling. They need to know that they play an important role in the work of the organization. Include the staff in what is going on in the organization. In addition to telling stories about how clients have been helped, share information about awards, new…

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