Internal Aspects Of Medea

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A. Internal Aspects
1. Background
Medea is a witch, who uses black magic. Medea fled from a city in Asia with Jason after killing her brother. After leaving Asia, Medea and Jason live in the city of Corinth. After some time, Jason leaves Medea for King Creon’s daughter, Glauce. King Creon decides to exile Medea and her children from the city of Corinth, due to his fear of a revenge from Medea. Medea then pleads for one more night in Corinth, so she can gather up her and her children’s belongings. King Creon agrees to these terms, which is how Medea’s story begins.
2. Mental
The audience would assume that Medea’s character was happy with her life and family before Jason broke her heart and King Creon exiled her and her children. One would only
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She was once happily married with two children. Then she receives the news of Jason’s infidelity, in which she is heartbroken. However, once she has been exiled from Corinth, her attitude quickly changes from being grief-stricken to hostile and revenge-seeking. Throughout the rest of the play, Medea follows through with her revenge on the ones who she had felt wronged her.
4. Basic Motivating Desire
Jason’s faithlessness was the seed of the many problems that Medea challenges throughout this story. She wants to get back at him, and no one or nothing will stop her from doing so. Ironically, Aegeus, King of Athens, appears in the city of Corinth during Medea’s downfall and offers her a home in his city if she can find a cure for his infertility. Therefore, Medea’s plans are falling in place, now she can follow through with her plotted revenge and have a place to run to, when it is all said and done.
5. Relationships to others
She is the ex-wife of Jason. She is also the mother of two children. She is the closest thing to finding King Aegeus a cure for his sterility. Medea is also pitied, then hated by King Creon. Medea left her home in Asia because she betrayed her father and murdered her own brother. She practices black magic, which could cause many people to fear
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Relationship to Self (sel-respect)
Medea doesn’t really know herself throughout the play. She bases her relationship with herself on the way others impact her life. Although it is arguable that Medea is a feminist, she strays from her role as a wife and a mother to alienating herself to become a soulless monster.
B. External Analysis
1. Height/Weight: Medea is approximately five feet tall and weighs approximately one hundred and twenty pounds.
2. Posture: Medea stands straight with nearly perfect posture.
3. Age in Present Story: Medea is likely to be in her early to mid-thirties.
4. Health: Medea’s physical health is average, although she is emotionally unhealthy.
5. Movement & Gesture: She is so stressed that she is all the time shaky, she also grabs her forearms when she talks often.
6. Mannerisms: Medea is very fidgety and clenches her dress habitually.
7. Voice: Medea frequently speaks in a very assertive manner, as she basically takes control of all of her situations throughout the play.
8. Dress: She wears a purple dress in this play, with the exception of the red cloth which represented her children’s

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