Internal And Internal Training Program Essay

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G4s saves lives but it’s through collaborative hands on training initiatives that requires employees to reach out and use each other as resources to answer the unknowns of their day to day job. G4s internal portal and internal training program helped cut down on turnover and saved the company both time and money.
The most obvious reason to choose to train internally is financial, outside training and consultants cost both time and money. If training and development is company specific then it should be created and delivered in house. This keeps the message clear and tailored to your company’s needs. Internal training offers employers and employees advantages that are not found when you send an employee to an external training program or seminar (Heathfield, 2016). Training transfer occurs more naturally and employees cement learning through training other employees (Heathfield, 2016). Internal training uses real life examples, problems and challenges that participants encounter every day at work (Heathfield, 2016). Successful internal training identifies the exact skills and knowledge that participants need to succeed in their jobs. It also prepares employees for success in their next job and allows an opportunity of on the job training, coaching and mentoring (Heathfield, 2016).
When choosing a which third party provides to partner with its important to ask if the course content be customized from an existing program or created for the first time? (MORRISON, 2010) – which…

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