Internal And External Threats To Organisations Case Study

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Another external threat to business organizations is the prevailing economic conditions in the host country. This is a threat to both the talent pool and ability to hire new and qualified employees. Moreover, the failure of a company to take advantage of the advances in technology in addition to laying down employees as new technologies take their place is another threat to the staff and the organization in general. Workforce demographics is another external threat that companies face, especially in the developed countries where most of the workforce is aged and have a small number of youthful population due to birth control policies that have been in place in the past.
Methods to Detect Internal and External Threats to the Organization
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Moreover, an inadequate knowledge base to process employment actions is a weakness due primarily to internal budget constraints thus hindering the ability of a company to outsource activities to an efficient outsider as seen in the case of AGC Company. On the other hand, opportunities are the external factors that are crucial in the sustenance of HR practice effectiveness. For instance, if the job market is saturated with HR practitioners the average salaries paid to the HR staff are pushed down as compared to when there are few HR experts in the market. By being able to find competent staff, AGC would have found an important opportunity that can exploit its strengths and thus lead to increased revenues for the company, which would in turn be utilized in funding HR activities. Other opportunities AGC enjoys include a network in both emerging and booming markets in addition to have multi-cultured human resources that provide high quality services to …show more content…
A competitive analysis involves an assessment of the opportunities and threats occurring to companies in the same line of business as the company in question. As such, AGC should carry out a competitive analysis to ascertain whether its competitive advantage is really an advantage as well as determine the competitors’ strategies and ploys and thus play accordingly. Further, it would be important to identify the competitors and list their strengths and weaknesses and as such determine whether these organizations are shrinking or expanding and if there are emerging organizations that would be a source of competition in

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