Internal And External Factors Of Minority Education Essay

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The United States of America is known as the ‘land of opportunity’ where people can find a better future for themselves and their families. Even though we have progressed as a Nation, and have programs to help students excel in education, there are certain cities in the U.S., where an equal opportunity in education is not easily provided to all students. This summary of research will analyze the internal and external factors of minority education, and the importance of supporting minority education in the Washington, D.C. area. According to the National Research Council, “the District’s public schools have made promising improvements after seven years of intensive reforms, but many disparities persist in academic resources and performance between poor and affluent students” (Chandler, 2015). In Washington DC public schools, African American students had a 17 % proficiency rate in English and Math, and Hispanic students a proficiency rate of 21% (King, 2016). Because of limited finances, many of America 's minority students do not have easy access to Higher Education or the same opportunities to give them aspirations towards those goals.
Problem Statement:
Even though we have achieved major strides in education development in the US, educational inequality still exists in low income areas where there is a higher concentration of minority students, creating an educational gap that affects the intellectual development of minority students.

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