Internal And External Factors Of An Environmental Scan Essay

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An environmental scan is primarily concerned with the gathering of information about conditions inside and outside the organization. Information that, according to McEwan (2008), “…helps the organization learn the influences from the environment and how to respond strategically to ensure success”. The same approach is also helpful in gathering information about factors that could affect my success within the company and the IT industry. This assessment will evaluate both the internal and external factors based on my previously completed SWOT analysis.
Internal Factors (Strengths & Weaknesses)
During the SWOT analysis, the following Strengths were identified:
• Extensive IT experience with more than 25 years in industry
• Strong leadership and mentoring skills
• Self-motivated and driven
• Sets high standards for self and others in terms of work
• Strong problem-solving skills
My extensive IT experience as well as my years in leadership and management positions means I am well equipped to manage groups and lead teams in the future. The real-world experience I gained from working with employees at all levels has also equipped me to work with a diverse workforce. In addition to relying on my own experience, I am able to utilize my experience and skills to coach and mentor less experienced leaders in the organization. That aspect also supports my personal mission of applying my leadership skills and given talents to help those I serve to meet their personal,…

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