Internal And External Expectations Of Leaders Essays

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“A leader has to watch every word he or she says and quickly learns that you can’t go through life without a few critics, some well deserved” (pg. 5), this quote as some of the beginning words from MacDonald truly shows that a leader has responsibilities to uphold to. I found it interesting that he showed these responsibilities are not only external, but internal as well. Many do not realize the internal battles that leaders in ministry go through, and in order for leaders to handle a situation in a mature manner; they must uphold to the responsibilities of character they are expected to maintain. There are many internal and external expectations of leaders that are specified in Building Below the Waterline, but only some really stood out to me as factors that I would practice more than others in my leadership positions. As I mentioned earlier, leaders go through many battles, and it is very difficult to find an individual that can truly be trusted for advice and support. This is why I feel that MacDonald’s point about the importance of a mentor was a major thought to take into consideration. “Many leaders operate at a level where they can go for a long time without anybody calling them to account, and as a result, they get so busy helping other people that their perceptions drift. A mentor comes along, asks the hard questions, makes the stiff confrontation, and the leader suddenly realizes, How could I not have seen this?” (pg. 8)
This brought to my mind…

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